Hello. I am new to the group and a little nervous. We are a British Indian couple who have been married for 14 years and been trying for 10. We have done 17x IVF cycles only one of which resulted in a pregancy but which we lost at two months. I have a blocked fallopian tube and very high Natural Killer Cells. My doc says my eggs seem to be poor quality. We tried donor eggs which also failed which really set us back as the embryos were grade A.

It has been a roller coaster journey for us both which has included a lot of heartaches but we refuse to give up. In terms of trying more cycles I don't think my body can take it any more. I am 36 but have low thyroid which affects me greatly. We are now looking to try surrogacy. We are looking for a surrogate who can help us fit the missing peice of our jigsaw. We would ideally like to find someone in Australia so we can keep in contact and see the little bump of joy.

If you feel you can help us we look forward to hearing from you.