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Congratulations on getting to this point!
It's great to hear that a lot of you feel light and free knowing you're done. I'm finally expecting my first and am glad to know there'll come a time where my mind and life isn't completely consumed by babies and pregnancy!

Buttoneska - I remember when you were TTC and you posting a thread about finally feeling ok with the thought of never having children. Then getting your BFP about 2 weeks later! It's kind of cool to see this part of your story have a happy ending and closure, if that makes sense?
I hope that doesn't come across as weird and stalkery - I've just been on BH for ages and there's heaps of members/threads/events that I still remember years later!
Naw that's so sweet thanks. Yep makes total sense and still spins me out. Don't know if you caught up in the middle but we got a surprise bfp when ds1 was three mths old. They boys are one yr and ten days apart.