Dear All,

I am currently making myself sick with worry following a day out with my cousin and his family. My cousin had a beard, so it wasn't until after he had blown a number of raspberries on my 11 month old son's neck that I noticed that he appeared to have the later stages of a cold sore break out. The blister on his lip was a nearly healed pink color, whereas the nasal lesion was scabbed. My little boy was also grabbing at his beard and is a profound thumb sucker.

I am truly making myself sick with worry as to my 11 month old baby's risk of developing HSV-1. He has a habit of rubbing his eyes, so in turn would be a high risk of eye infection if he contracted the virus. I feel so terrible for not having been aware enough to stop my cousin and now feel that I have put my dear little man at risk

I would truly appreciate any feedback.

Warm regards