Hi all! I started acupuncture recently to help with ttc & with general health issues. After about 2 sessions I noticed a real improvement in my back pain & endo pain so I was surprised & quite happy. However I also have ongoing reflux/heartburn & found that was getting worse. I mentioned it to the lady giving me the acupuncture & she said sometimes if you're very out of balance treatment can make things a little worse initially. So now I've had 6 sessions & my reflux is the worst it has ever been! I follow a fairly restrictive diet anyway & 3 weeks ago totally cut out my occasional treats of chocolate, coffee, cake etc. This would usually help but it's not at all. The acupuncture lady says it shouldn't be going on this long... I've had an endoscopy recently & am already on prescription meds so I don't think going to the GP will be any use. I'm about 90% convinced it has to be the acupuncture but just looking for anyone else who has had a similar experience??? I wonder how much longer I should give it in hopes that this will be resolved? I feel like I'm always going one step forwards, two steps back!!!
Thanks to anyone who has read my whinge!!!