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    Default Crying to sleep :(

    My son is 17 months and has nearly always been a bad sleeper. He started getting a cold on Saturday and was appallingly bad over the weekend - I got about 6 hours sleep all weekend and then had a 10 hour workday on Monday. It was horrible.

    I've never been into any form of crying to sleep whether controlled or CIO. Normally getting DS to sleep is not the issue, just keeping him asleep. The last 2 nights though, he has screamed and cried for 40 minutes while being rocked, carried and and comforted as usual. I feel terrible. I can't settle him and he's obviously tired (overtired?) when he's screaming. The screaming/crying doesn't start until we start our usual wind down and go to sleep routine - which is me carrying, rocking and singing to him. My parents have been staying with us and I'm wondering if that is enough to cause this upset? DH is not coping with it at all and tonight got quite cranky with me cause I wouldn't "give in" and put DS down again to wake fully and play.

    Anyone else had a young toddler go thru a screaming phase? Any tips on how to avoid another episode tomorrow ?

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    Yep, DD has never been a great sleeper either.

    Sounds like you're not really up for any crying though so I'm not sure I can suggest anything helpful. For us, we needed to get DD used to getting to sleep by herself which did involve some crying at the start, but things got better over time and she's a much better sleeper now. We did 'sleep school'. Not once, not twice but THRICE.

    Wish you the best of luck, lots of good advice on here about all different methods but you need to be comfortable with your choice.

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    Hi waggers! Long time no read! I've just been through something a little similar with DS as he's had one cold after another for 8 weeks or more. It has been a nightmare. Like you I don't like any form of crying to sleep, and there were times when I was stuffed either way, because he'd scream if I held him and when I put him down. Is it possible it's just because of daylight savings and he's not ready for bed yet?

    Is he still unwell? Here are some things that I've tried in the past couple of months that have helped at one time or another:
    - leaving food around all day for him to snack on and making sure he is extra well fed
    - a humidifier in his room
    - putting a cup of water in his cot
    - standing with him in absolute darkness and rocking very, very gently
    - taking him into my room and lying down with him on my chest: when he would start to become alert and chatty I would out him straight back down and he would sleep (thinking he maybe just needed some extra cuddles/reassurance?)
    - moving his crib next to my bed and sleeping with a hand on his mattress for him to hold
    - elevating his cot
    - sitting next to the cot
    - Nurofen/Panadol
    - watching spices and specks together (seriously!)
    - and, when desperate, just getting him out of bed again to play and cuddle and chat with me

    I've relaxed a little about when I think he 'should' be sleeping and just tried to respond to his tired signs now he's finally giving them. I'd rather put him down a wee bit later than tolerate screaming and crying.

    Is it a little more noisy/hustle and bustly with your parents there, and he feels like he's missing out on something exciting?

    It sounds to me like he just isn't ready to go down when you want him to. Is it possible that it's his ears?

    Sorry, not much help, and I am sure you've thought of all of this. I hope it passes soon.

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    Yes, my 17.5 month old has just gone through a massive screaming/crying at bed time. Naps were easy but bed time was a shocker. He wasn't going to bed until 10-11pm despite staring bed time at about 8. It was so so hard and every night after his shower I dressed having to put him to sleep. I have always put him to sleep in my arms with a bottle and never had any issues and all of a sudden (started at about 14/15 months) he was screaming and thrashing and crying until the point of vomiting. I got so frustrated I would just let him play whole I locked myself in the toilet for 10 minutes and let him completely tire himself out and pass out with a bottle. I do believe letting bub have a cry (in your arms) is good for them. They have emotions and frustrations too and an emotional release is good for them. But DS was just hysterical.

    I don't know what changed but 4 nights ago I got frustrated and put him in his cot (in our room). Turned the night light on, put Brahm's lullaby on and just sat there. I put my partners pillow in his cot, made him a bottle for him to have in his cot and afterwards I gave him his dummy and he was asleep in less than 10 minutes, no crying. He has never ever put himself to sleep and generally screams blue murder if he is put in his cot awake. 4 nights on he's still putting himself to sleep.

    I dunno if this is much help but just know this too shall pass and it will get easier. If worst came to worst I went for a drive to get DS to sleep and myself some ice cream. Try make him as comfortable as possible at night if he's still sick and try a carrier if you have one.


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