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    Default Centrelink Debt

    So, things with centrelink have gotten from bad to worse.
    DP & I had to hand in a 2nd lot of rent certificate & Becoming partnered forms due to them not processing them at the end of last year!
    The guy is refusing to process our claims and are pretty much accusing us of not letting them know that we were in a relationship, even though they knew during my last lease when he moved in half way through, our current lease and are only now sooking about it because he has applied for newstart and a rent certificate.

    They havent processed DP's newstart payment and have suspended my PPP & ftb due to them "picking up" that DP was on the lease for my last place, but dont care that he was on our current one. He only went on the lease before we started dating as a guarantor. DP lived with his mate nearly 6 months into the lease, then moved in during the 2nd half to help out with bills etc. We informed centrelink about it, we have kept centrelink up to date with everything but somehow this ******* at our local office has decided "oh, he was on your LAST lease? even as a guarantor? well you must be doing the dodgy on the system and will owe us a lot of debt!"

    So now were having to PROVE to centrelink that yes, he was guarantor (althrough they already knew!), and prove that he only moved in 6 months into our last lease and have lived with us since. We havnt done anything wrong or kept anything from them, yet theyre trying to make it out like we have because they never update stuff on the system when i speak to them on the phone or in office! Now we're freaking out that were going to have to pay back thousands over the past 18 months even though we have done everything right because of their **** ups! We have no money, the last 2 months we have been relying on my PPP & ftb, and now thats been cancelled we have nothing in the bank, rent is due and we have no way seeing out of this mess thats been thrown at us which is out of our control. We've been told all we can do it get letters from DP's mate and our old RE and family friend all stating that yes what we have told them was correct but I hardly doubt itll help. The last thing we need right now is to be owning thousands in debt when we have no money, when we shouldnt have to in the first place before we even see another payment.

    We're in desperate need of advice if anyone has dealt with anything like this?

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    I would suggest contacting a community legal centre that specialises in Social Security for advice and/or advocacy.

    Contact link is below;



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