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    Default What are the little things you do to optimise your child's physical health?

    Specifically, to reduce the risk of childhood obesity/weight issues.

    We all know a good diet with lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains combined with regular play time are the biggies but what little things do you do?

    I will probably be accused of over-thinking this but meh! I've had weight issues my entire life so I'm keen to do what ever I can to minimse the risk of passing this on to my children.

    - DS wears black sneakers to school rather than black leather school shoes. This means he is always ready for a game of chase or sport. I wore those black leather school shoes and found them so clunky and hot and not conducive to being physically active.
    - DD usually wears shorts or leggings rather than skirts or dresses so she can climb, jump etc without getting tangled or restricted by excess fabric.
    - When DD goes to school I'll encourage her to wear the skort and shirt option but if she wants to wear the dress I will make sure she has plenty of those sports/gym undies to wear over her underwear.
    - The nutrition aspects of food are promoted (eg eating yoghurt helps to make you grow, carrots help you see in the dark etc)
    - Both children do swimming lessons and will be doing so for the foreseeable future. Part of the reason for this is so they can have at least 1 sport they can be good/confident at.
    - Both kids have been more or less browbeated (gently) into believing they are clever and kind.

    What do you do?

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    Interesting thread! DD is a naturally skinny kid (takes after her dad!) so I don't worry too much about obesity, but I am quite adamant about encouraging a healthy lifestyle. The main thing I do is get her involved in cooking, shopping and gardening so that she learns about food and where it comes from.

    I make sure she gets lots of outside time, limit TV to certain times (easy enough now as she's not really that interested anyway) and just generally try to keep her active.

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    - DS is only 3.5 but has been doing little kickers ( soccer) since 18 months and just about every day we take the dog for a walk and he rides his bike , we have a pool , go to the beach nearly every weekend in summer and his grandparents have a beach house so he has been swimming/in water since he was a baby and loves going to the beach, he's trying to learn how to boogie board !

    - we go to our fruit and veggie shop twice a week , fish monger once a week and butcher once a week , they know him all by name ( and he knows them) and he has been involved in buying fresh food since he was born so knows every fruit/vegetable, can name most common fish/seafood and knows which cuts of meat/chicken we buy and he sees me (and helps sometimes cook ) everything , he knows every night when he eats his veggies they go straight into his muscles to keep him big and strong!

    - he's been having a pro biotic and a teaspoon of fish oil every day since he was 6 months old, he will go to the fridge every night before bed to get his fish oil out in case I forget !

    - we have 2 naturopaths in the family ( and a nutritionist) so healthy eating/food/exercise/massage/vitamins etc are a normal part of our conversations

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    Lots of outside play and visiting the park. Ds 1&2 love being outside. I have a toy room (rumpus room) that is hardly ever used.
    Movies are only watched by Ds1 at Ds2's nap time (around 45min-1hr), but sometimes he'll do something else like play doh and a little TV before bed.
    During meal times ABC is on, I just grew up with TV on at meal times, so am just used to it.
    We talk about food and how it makes him strong etc, but sometimes I forget.

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    My bubba is only 6 months old but I'm already feeling conscious of this. A biggie I've been reading about lately is alignment - our bodies start out working how they're supposed to and we almost train them not to! This was brought home to me in a photo I took of my just-learnt-to-sit bubba on the beach - his spine was perfectly straight and head held high. A picture of me sitting would be all slumped and curved! I noticed him slumping against his bath seat last night so ditched it and just let him sit by himself instead (with my hands hovering closely in case of a slip!)
    I've been giving him probiotics since he was about a week old. He comes for walks and to the beach daily and I let him commando crawl around on the sand. I also take him swimming a few times a week. I cook most things from scratch and he's started sitting down at the table to eat dinner with DH and I and eats what we're having more or less.
    Ideally I'd like him to spend lots of time outdoors playing. Apparently monkey bars are really really good for strength/ alignment - I want to get some for when he's older.

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    - I have always actively encouraged ds to do things other parents may consider too risky/dangerous. I taught him how to climb the huge tree in our local park at almost 4yrs old. He climbs anything and everything and for the most part i just let him.

    - we go for a walk most days. Even if this is just to and from school.

    - I like that he sees myself and dh both take the time to exercise in some capacity.

    - we go for a swim after each of his swimming lessons.

    - I facilitate a lot of play dates.

    - I sometimes tell ds that we're not going home until he is really dirty, so he better get stuck in.

    - I take him camping a lot even though it is not my preferred way to spend the weekend.

    - dh volunteers to coach/supervise a lot of the sports. Ds loves it and is more enthusiastic to participate this way.

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    We eat a very balanced diet but don't deny our kids anything. We limit sometimes food and drink as exactly that, sometimes/rarely.
    We are very lucky that all 4 of our kids while above average weights born, very quickly became very lean and have naturally athletic builds.
    We have a pool but all of our children do swimming lessons from 2.5 and then have to pick another sport from school age.
    We all own bikes.


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