So ... I suffer from quite severe GAD as well as panic attacks & depression. Been lowering my medication (supervised by my GP) & trying alternative therapies to help balance it all out.
Bought myself a groupon voucher for a 1 hr massage & it was the WORST ever. 😳
Now - I do like a VERY firm massage. Strong acupressure is just my cup of tea but this was along the lines of an attack! Lying on the table I felt like I was being hit by broom handles followed by what appeared to be a flock of angry pelicans pecking at my body! What the??!! And of course being the kind of person that I am when they asked me how everything was I say "um, yeah. Great thanks".
It was memorable at the very least!! 😱

Ps I'm totally fine - just can't get over the fact that one small lady can get that much force into her hands & arms! 😋