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    Default Moving to Melbourne soon -- need advice for young family!

    Hi all!

    We have just found out that my husbands job is being relocated from Brisbane to Melbourne, so we are going to move to Melbourne in May (only 6 weeks! eek!).

    We will need to move quickly and find a place to rent (preferably a house or town house) to accommodate our family of four with 2 young children (7 mths & 2.5yrs). We are would be looking at family-oriented suburbs with good daycare facilities, primary schools, parks, public transport, community centres etc.

    While we don’t want to live 5mins from the CBD, we’d prefer not to travel over 40 mins (by train) to get to the CBD. My husband would be working in Altona and drive to work. I am currently on maternity leave (well, will have to quit when I move!), but also a professional and would probably look for work in the city in the next year or so. I don't have a car and prefer to use public transport and walk where possible, so it would need to be near to public transport/shops/parks etc. We currently live 20 minutes by train from central Brisbane, it is a nice suburb, close to shops etc and where there is always a buzz and busy feel , so I guess while we don’t want to be too close to the city, we also don’t want to be anywhere too secluded! And near to other social mummies and kids too (playgroups etc) -- I like to keep busy with my kids!

    We’ve looked on a website called cityhobo.com which profiles Melbourne suburbs and like the sound of Kensington, Yarraville, Williamstow, maybe Altona itself. More broadly we’re thinking North / Northwest, Inner North. Preferably not more than 30 minutes from Altona for the commute for my hubby. The above suburbs/areas is purely based on internet research and speaking to 1 friend (without kids) who lives in Melbourne. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations you may have on suburbs/areas that fit what we’re looking for and any family-friendly facilities and schools you regard highly in these areas.

    While there is much information on the internet, personal experience/advice from other mums and dads is worth so much more.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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    I don't know those suburbs well but makes sense to locate there if DH is working in altona. Williamstown is the nicest from your list (consequently the most expensive!).

    Just wanted to say that daycare can be hard in Melbourne... I would start calling centres now and ask about their wait list. We ended up having to take a CBD spot as couldn't get one locally. And we were on the CBD list for over a year before we got a spot!

    Good luck with the move

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    The suburbs you've listed are more inner west than inner north or north-west. I used to live in Newport which is nice though starting to get pricey as well. The entire inner west is pretty good in terms of parks, transport, commute to the city etc. Theres also some awesome Asian and African restaurants which are mostly child friendly. Going more northwest you're looking at suburbs like Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds and Flemington which are all pricey. Inner north would be Fitzroy, Coburg, Northcote. All nice (except Coburg which I don't like). The inner city has fab facilities and PT so it really comes down to price in the end. Some suburbs have got stigmas attached to them (Footscray) and some have got egos attached to them (Fitzroy). Altona and Newport are probably the mid priced areas which are still nice and def family friendly.

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    Hi there,

    Do you have idea of what you are looking to spend on rent per week? If money wasn't much of a concern, I'd absolutely go Williamstown - near the beach, lots of families in the area and easy commute to both Altona & city. If its a little too exxy, is be looking at Newport, Spotawood, Kingsville, Yarraville & Seddon. Lovely areas with lots of kiddy facilities, good schools etc and much more budget friendly than Willy...

    Good luck!


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