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    Default best hospital to deliver my twins??

    After what seemed like a lifetime I am finally pregnant WITH TWINS!!!! hubby and i are over the moon that we even managed to do it ourselves, go us!! (well with a little help from our amazing Dr and his so called 'clever dr tests'/medication) but now we need to make the decision where to deliver these babies. He has given us a long list of the hospitals he works in and said he would be happy to deliver me in whichever hospital i felt the most comfortable in. we will go check them all out but it would be helpful to hear first hand experiences from other families to make our decision easier. There is no chance we would choose a public hospital (bad past experiences in public hosps) so sandringham is out, but we can go to st vincents, cabrini, waverley, jessie macpherson, freemasons and there was another one i think but the receptionist said its not nice so its out of these 5. She recommended St Vincents or cabrini and she is a midwife also so at the moment we are probably considering these the top two choices.
    We are the first of all our friends to fall pregnant and family with kids are all interstate so we have no ideas on where to go?!?! the only ladies i know with babies are my boss and some clients from work who i cant ask subtley without them knowing im pregnant. plus my boss organised my appointment for me cos she knew i was having a hard time and feeling stressed about not getting pregnant so she will know straight away why im asking about these maternity hospitals!!!!
    As my parents and some other family members will probably need to stay at our house when the babies are born it would be ideal that hubby is welcomed to stay the whole time with me and the babies in the hospital. also ive read that twins sometimes need extra care at birth so which of these hospitals would be the best place for them? im with bupa health insurance if that makes any difference?! ok bedtime for now thanks in advance for helping

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    Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS!!! What wonderful news for you - exciting times are ahead! May I ask who your Dr is? I had both my children at St. Vincent's Private and I absolutely loved it - can't speak highly enough of it. All the rooms are single (some with double beds. I had a double bed both times), and I've heard that many of them have recently been refurbished. The care my babies and I received was outstanding. I really don't think you'd be disappointed if you choose to deliver your babies at St. Vincent's.


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