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    Default Thoughts on my 18 month old's rash!?

    Has anyone seen a rash like this before?

    Bit of background: The rash has been on DS's back for a few weeks, he is 100% well, no fever or other symptoms. He does suffer from some very, very mild eczema on his cheeks and upper arms (just tiny little bumps) that do not bother him at all and look nothing like this. It is very isolated and hasn't changed in size, shape or colour for the duration that it's been there. When you press on it the redness / tiny red pin pricks do NOT disappear.

    I took DS to the GP this morning (a young Dr I haven't seen at the practice before as I couldn't get in with my regular Dr) at first glance she said to be honest I don't know what it is or what has caused it, it is not typical of a rash I usually see and then just prescribe me some steroid cream to see if that works as it could be a form of dermatitis. When I questioned her about burst blood capillaries (petechiae) she said it didn't present that way. I don't think my DS has anything immediately life threatening as he is otherwise absolutely fine but I do know that Petechiae can be associated with other not very nice conditions / illnesses. I hope she is right of course and it is something as simple as dermatitis but I left feeling not very confident with her explanation and think she has just had a stab in the dark. I have booked another appointment tomorrow with another Dr for a 2nd opinion, however in the meantime I was curious to know if it looks familiar to anyone!? ImageUploadedByThe Bub Hub1396429329.885420.jpg

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    I get something like this if I scratch myself too hard- usually in my sleep.


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