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    I had something similar happen to me. I had an extremely long labour and had to be taken to theICU straight after my DD was born (pre eclampsia). I could only see my baby when she needed a feed or when I had visitors. My in laws, mum and sister came up to visit and of course took some photos of bub. My phone was flat so I couldn't ring/txt/fb annouce to the rest of my family. I told my visitors that I didn't want any announcements and specifically no photos online. As soon as my soster gets home she updates her fb WITH a photo, name, birth weight and time etc of my DD! My mum saw it a while later and made her take it down but by then the cat was already out of the bag.i know she was just excited to become an aunty but it really peeved me off because it's not her news to share! I'm close to my sister so didn't have any problems telling her I was disappointed but it's honestly not worth the energy spent getting upset about it. You'll feel much better to just let it go. Good luck telling the rest of your family

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    Thankyou Guys for your responses.
    Yea we have let it go now. It isn't worth our energy telling her I am disappointed in her.
    But we did hear about her sister that she was *****ing about me getting pregnant so soon. Maybe she forgets herself that she got moved in with her bf, got married and pregnant all within the space of 16 months.
    Whilst we aren't married we have got pregnant within the space of 16 months. But at 29 if say that is ok especially considering the doctors told us I was going through early onset menopause.


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