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    Default Sleep routine for 11 week old twins with a 3 year old at home

    Anyone have any advice on how to start a sleep routine for 11 week old twins. Setting one for DD1 was easy to enforce obviously as she was the only one. I know a lot depends on them as individuals. Our girls don't generally wake each other up if one is crying and the other is asleep but they do if one is just nodding off. I want to get them to self settle soon but think we should have a routine in place.

    What worked for you twin moms?

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    Hi three little birds.
    My experience was difficult. My twins had reflux and were difficult to settle. And my 2yo ds loved to go and talk to them when they were going to sleep.

    They are now 6months old and we've just been to sleep school, and the biggest thing I learned is that they are very independent and yell at me louder of I interfere.
    So I found listening to their cries and only interfering if they really peaked.
    Dummy/cuddly objects? A short and simple wind down?
    We have a feed, then 20mins later go into their room turn on the music and shut curtains, tuck in and say goodnight.

    It has been a long battle here, and still fighting. But all three of mine have been poor sleepers.

    I hope you but out something that works soon.

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    I've kept our 2 boys (now 9 months) on the same routine as one another. It took a bit of practice at the beginning to get it working, but it was a sanity saver for me to not have 2 babies on opposing routines. I have followed the Save our Sleep book routines as this worked for me with my older boy.

    Twin A slept through the night fairly reliably from about 3 months old. Twin B did sometimes, but still woke at 5.00-6am for a feed quite a bit until he was on solids. He now usually wakes 6.30am or so, but they are both quite happy to chat to themselves, play with their sleep toy until I get them up at 7am.

    They still have 2 sleeps a day, but these are more variable in length than they used to be.


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