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    Default Windy bub

    I have a 6 week old boy and he was breastfed until 3 1/2 weeks and my supply didn't keep up, so he went to Formula (Karicare STAGE 1). I have noticed about 1 1/2- 2 hrs after a feed he will get wind terribly and it will disturb his sleep. I have him on infant friends too. My DS 4 when he was a bub, had bad wind + projectile vomiting and reflux and the chemist suggested Karicare de lact which worked wonders for him . I never did have him tested to see if he had a lactose issue. I'm wondering if I should put my 5 week old on de lact to see if it helps. It's terrible watching the poor guy in pain.

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    Hi luminary, my dd1 was very windy almost from birth as well so I know what you are going through - have you tried infacol?

    You give 0.2mls before each feed and it joins all the little bubbles together into a big one. Dd is almost 8 months and I am still scared to stop it lol.

    We also had to switch around formulas ending in a prescription formula with no cows milk in it.

    Maybe try delact if you think that would work? Or i think allerpro is another option as it only has 5% cows milk protein.

    Another option is find a formula with a higher whey/casein ratio. Those are the HA brands or friends of ours had success with s26 comfort which is also whey dominant. Whey is a lot easier to digest than casein so can cause less discomfort.

    It takes at least 2 weeks for a formula to clear a system so whichever you try, try to allow at least that time to decide of it is working. I remember 2 weeks is a long time for an unsettled baby.

    Good luck!!!!


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