Hi guys,

So I went to see a fertility specialist last year to find out where I stand on my chances of getting pregnant - having an inkling that it wasn't going to be good as I have never had a period without being on the pill and have been diagnosed with PCOS - the only diagnostic factor being the ultrasound showing the cysts. All my hormones etc are entirely normal. My specialist has told me that he would recommend going straight to FSH injections for the egg freezing process (I don't want to start a family, but at 31 am ever conscious of my age and the potential problems down the track).

After I left, I didn't really think that much more about it, and put it all in the 'too hard' basket for now (much too busy at work to consider anything else stressful...) but after speaking with a couple of friends who went down the IVF path, they asked why the doctor didn't recommend clomid/metformin. Any ideas??

Also - The nurse I saw at a later appointment indicated that if it doesnt work the first time, then the dose of FSH isn't increased for a second round - it simply indicates that it may not work for that patient. In which case, if my hormone levels are normal ie, not low FSH, and not high other hormones that the FSH has to 'overcome'...then how is injecting more FSH going to assist? I understand that PCOS is generally not well understood, but it just seems that chances of injecting higher levels of hormones working are surely not high if my hormone levels are balanced. Can you be FSH resistant? Or would that show up in the bloods?

Please help explain - I hate not understanding how things work!!