I am new to MCN and got a stash of pocket nappies recently. I was thinking of buying flushable bamboo liners but ideally I would like to use washable cloth liners like microfleece liners.

Does anyone use microfleece liners with pocket nappies with 100% polyester inner already? Is it true that you cannot have two layers of polyester as it will repel moisture?

Or is it really easy to clean the poo off the pocket nappies if the pocket nappies come with 100% polyester inner layer? And would it be stain-free?

I just thought that it would be easier to get rid of the poo if I have the microfleece liners. I will also be using cloth wipes for cleaning up the mess so having 2 buckets: One for dirty cloth wipes and cloth liners, and one for wet Pocket nappies and nappy inserts.

Thanks in advance!