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    Default A few Questions about westmead fertility centre

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new here and I have a few questions about WFC. I have done one round there and was successful with our first fresh cycle. I have a beautiful 16 month old DD. I have 3 frosties, I've been told 1 day 5 frozen by itself and 2 day 4 which are frozen together. I have not done an FET before and was wondering what the process is at WFC? I don't get a regular cycle so it would be medicated I think?

    Another question is, can anyone recommend a FS there? I don't really want to go back to my original one, just a bad experience.

    My last question, any tips on dealing with the anxiety that it may not work? My anxiety is primarily my fear of having to do a full cycle, I am completely traumatised by the experience. I woke upon the middle of egg retrieval, as in I was yellingat the nurses and doctors in pain and could feel the last eggs being retrieved and I also ended up with severe ohss, ended up in RPA completely swollen with fluid, at one point I'd put on 3kg in 2 hours. It was very scary and them telling me they can't do much but wait. But it was successful and I count my lucky stars everyday, just a terrifying experience. So any tips would be welcome.

    thank you

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    Hi! Who was your first specialist?

    My daughter is 12 months old & was achieved through WFC in 2012. We're looking to start back soon, and have 2 frozen embryos. I'm ASSUMING they were 5day frosties - guess I should confirm this, as I actually don't know! I wish I was more help, but I'm also going for my first frozen cycle later this year (all my cycles were freshies) and I don't ovulate, so would also need a regular cycle.

    There is a thread for those of us who have used/are using WFC here too, might be worth posting there to grab advice on FETs?

    I had a bad experience with sedation the first time (didn't sleep, wide awake, agony) - told everyone the next time around, and they gave the drugs a little longer to 'take' before they started. That did the trick for me, but hopefully by talking with your specialist, they can help you calm down.

    Good luck!


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