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    This is an issue that divides me. A lot of people I know don't vaccinate their children either at all, or on a delayed selective schedule. Including myself, I fall into the latter category.

    But far out, some of the sheer stupidity out there just makes me want to rock in a corner somewhere. I'm not sure what has spurred on the latest vaxx debate, but I really do wonder how there can be such turned in, well educated people just turning a blind eye.

    That people still believe in Wakefield's study, that people still believe that vaccines don't work at all (it's one thing to claim they aren't 100% but another entirely to claim they just don't work), to claim that vaccine damage is prevalent, that they just *know* that a vaccine caused XYZ in their child.

    ZOMG! There's just so much that is all just a big ol' furfy and it makes my head hurt.

    Just back on the Autism discussion and diagnoses, I'm not going to say that there *is* over diagnosis happening, but given that diagnoses can be subjective, despite the DSM-IV outlining criteria to be met, it is still up to the individual professionals discretion and therefore subjective opinion, on whether indeed a person does meet the necessary criteria for formal diagnosis. What one person sees as in the realms of normal behaviour, another may not. Which can make diagnosis tricky.

    Though there was a 657% increase in the diagnosis of Autism within about a 10 year period in the USA (1993-2003), so can all of that increase be attributed to better diagnoses, and none of it misdiagnosis/over diagnosis? The estimated rate of prevalence of ASD in Australia is 1 in 60, which is still higher than it has previously been. So again, is it better diagnosis, over diagnosis, misdiagnosis or simply something causing a rise in incidence of Autism?

    One thing is for sure, however, Autism is not and never has been caused by the MMR vaccine. Ever.

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    The huge increase is due to aspergers being added to the spectrum.

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    On the rise of ASD diagnoses, an older but still interesting article:



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