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    Default Confused - neg blood+ AF 15dpo, now 7 days later blood shows low HcG levels

    Wow, thought I was out, now I'm back with a chance

    25th Feb CD1
    6th Mar CD 10 Ovulated and had IUI, second IUI following day
    21st Mar CD 24 (15dpo) Blood test negative and AF started heavy one day then moderate next and 2 days spotting.

    So surprised today 27th March when I went for CD7 tracking bloods and results show Progesterone 53 and HcG 3. Levels obviously look very low but doc want's me to go back in a few days and retest.

    No symptoms, other than noticing veins on lower inside forearm and possibly more than usual on breast but not sure on that one. Plus have been tracking BBT and oddly they have stayed above coverline. Normally temp drop's like clockwork day before / off AF.
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    29th Mar bloods showed Progesterone has risen to 97 but HcG dropped back to 0. They want me to go back for another pregnancy test next week.

    Have attached chart which shows my temperatures are still elevated. As I bleed 21st March and had negative blood test it showed I'd started a new cycle then but I have merge the 2 cycles so I could see the overall trend.

    I wondered if my odd readings were from an etopic pregnancy but thankfully clinic have ruled that out and are pretty much saying that my progesterone is indicating that I ovulated at time of my AF which obviously doesn't make sense.

    Have lost hope today & really disappointed that I'm not having an opportunity to try this month. Has anyone had a similar experience with bloods?
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