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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelbel29 View Post
    Since telling my manager I am pregnant she has made my job even busier. They have also made 2 people reduntent and I am not doing their job as well as mine.
    Twice I have had bleeding and cramping, my doctor said I am doing to much and I have told my manager I am SO stressed and struggling to get all my work done. I work overtime everyday and don't have time for a lunch break. I cry almost everyday from the stress.
    I am only 11 weeks pregnant. I can't quit yet. How much longer do I have to work to qualify for paternity leave?
    Thanks for reading
    Write down the facts, including what tasks you were performing initially and the now extra tasks that are expected of you since your manager found out you were pregnant.

    When discussing your work and pregnancy with your manager in future put it in an email so it's all documented.

    DON'T do the extra work and don't work overtime anymore - do your hours then go home. If they fire you well, that won't look good for them at all if you dispute it. I'd sooner get unfairly fired than quit if this was happening to me.

    Look after yourself. Get up and go for walks around the office regularly as your pregnancy progresses, very important.

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    While I agree you should not be doing overtime from the sounds of it for health reasons, I don't agree with not doing the extra work that may have come your way due to the redundancy of other roles. That's just part of working life. Apart from in very basic roles, you can except to do the exact same tasks in a job on day one as you may do a few years later. Things evolve and if you want to stay in that job then you need to adapt also. Of course any extra workload that comes to you needs to be reasonable though. But that's fine a matter of opinion. In most environments where people are made redundant the people remaining are happy to do a bit more because they still have a job.

    Anyway that's off topic, not actually talking about your situation OP as you are obviously struggling and your workplace needs to try and accommodate as much as they can (but you really do need a medical cert).

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    Thanks guys for the responses. I have rang my doctor and she is going to give me a weeks medical leave, I pick the certificate up on the weekend, so I'll be able to have some much needed rest.


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