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    Default How do I get my baby to sleep?

    He is 7 and a half weeks now. So far I've just been winging the sleep thing. When he was smaller I could feed him, burp, cuddle and put down and he would sleep.
    As he got older by the week he started to realise that bassinet meant bed...and sleep. He ia nosey and wants to see everything and everyone.
    He wont and I mean wont go dow n to sleep during the day. He is fed, changed, temp good etc..
    The only way to get him to sleep is lay down in my bed and give him a boob. Then he will fall asleep and I dont move him then. Yep I co sleep!!! Ideally I would like to have him in his cot but he wont have it. I have read save our sleep book and I dont want to control cry. At least not yet.
    Is there anything else I can try?
    I've tried everything. . Rocking, patting, swaddling, rocking chair, water sounds what else??

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    Babies are smart and mostly at that age they want to be near mum. I've always been a co sleeper and would also put my baby in an ergo carrier and let them sleep in there whilst I went about my day. I have no advice that you haven't already considered so i'll send you hugs and move along!


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