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    Smile Help choosing Primary school in Werribee area

    I need help!! Im desperately needing opinions on Primary schools within the wyndham vale/Werribee area.. my DD starts Prep next year and im so torn between schools. I dont mind private or public, i just need peoples opinions

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    My dd went to Manorvale last year in prep and it wasn't too bad. The rep teacher/s there are really nice. We've moved though to another town which was the only reason she's changed schools. There is a lot of bad talk about the place though, and an incident last year involving some kid pulling a prank with a 'bomb'. I suppose (treading lightly here) given the area there are a lot of 'rougher' families there. But overall dd enjoyed her year there and made some good friends.

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    If you are looking at a state/public school thanCambridge is the best in the Werribee Hoppers Arae, though is heavily zoned so if you don't live near it you wont get in. My next bet is Thomas Chirnside PS, after that I am not fond of schools in this area at all, my 5 year old started Prep this year in a school 20-30min drive away thats how much I am not fond of them.

    St Peters Apostle is okay, again zoned and a catholic school.

    Heathdale Christian College my older two attended, my eldest for all of primary school, it is a religious school. They pray daily, have scripture daily, and all concerts, plays etc follow a religious/Christian theme. I am Anglican, though no longer a regular attender, and it never bothered me in the early years, but later it all seemed a bit to much. That said academically they are VERY sound. as for caring, community like school I thought it was once, it isn't, tapart from religion they just want to rival the local Grammar school. It's a business and they are thriving!! That said if I could afford the fees now (divorced) I might have sent my 5yo there, but actually I love his state school more!!

    Good News Lutheran College is a nice little school, and expanding to secondary now, is up to year 10 this year. the school has had a lot of development happening over last several years to accomodate high school aged children and their needs education wise. Staff seem lovely, prinicpal at present is an idiot though IMHO, but I want hold that against them, I am hoping for a spot for my sons, I am planning on moving them there as soon as a spot becomes available. They are starting to become sought after too in recent years, as cost is lower than Heathdale by a mile (lots of kids moved to this school last year from Heathdale as their fees are pushing families who have had their kids there since Prep and now in year 9 out!), and their facilities are new, and it is a sweet, caring school in my experience thus far!


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