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    Hi Ladies, sorry for the slackness in updating... Limited email access and SO many distractions here in cape town
    We were lucky enough to Tx to lovely embies on Monday and are just waiting to hear how our other 4 embies go and if they make it to freeze.
    For us in comparison to our own cycles is amazing and only confirms our decision to come to SA.
    When we went in in Monday , Dr LR explained we had 6 envied all growing well but none 'quite at blast'. He explained they will still good to Tx as they were still growing. This did make me nervous. The photos he showed us were clear and defined compacting morulas.
    Once we got set up for Tx we were all excited to see our morulas had progressed in just the few hours since the photo had been taken to clear expanding blasts! It was an amazing sight and definitely the silver lining for us.
    Often I have lamented in the last 4 year's about the lack of spontaneity of the whole ivf process. (no surprising DH with a pregnancy announcement etc) but having the privilege of seeing our embies as such a delicate state is really amazing and one my fertile friends don't get...
    Anywhoo off to have a chilled day in Cape Town..
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    Blinky - glad to hear all went well. Isn't Dr LR fantastic? I never had that sort of explanation of the development of my embryos from my IVF cycles here in Australia. Also to have those first pics of the embryo at cell stage is quite amazing. We could see from our pics that one of the embryos was far superior in quality to the other and our transfer was only day 3 not day 5.... but we will just never know exactly which one took as I have heard of so many women having only one less than perfect embryo to put back and it takes!! It really is in the luck of the draw with this whole process - but the Cape Town experience both from an IVF perspective as well as tourist destination is really quite amazing isn't it? How is the waistline doing from all that good food and wine? $4.50 a bottle of red.... we nearly died when the bill arrived at dinner sometimes it was just so ridiculously cheap.

    On the point of food in Cape Town. If you Aussie ladies are looking for somewhere nice to catch up for dinner. We went to this amazing Italian Restaurant 95Keerom on our last night. My husband, daughter and I had mains, desert and drinks and it came to $65 Aussie dollars for all three of us INCLUDING the tip. I can highly recommend it. 95Keerom - yes you guessed it its located at 95 Keerom Street - you will need a taxi to get there and back, but well worth it as the setting is lovely and the food is sensational.

    Lots of love and baby dust to all of you in Cape Town at the moment - and for all of those about to embark on their journey. Exciting times ahead ladies!!!

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    Just popping up from the newborn feeding haze!!!

    I just wanted to wish the current CT ladies good luck and I have my fingers crossed for you all. Congrats to Amethyst. Good luck to everyone that are currently on their donor journeys.

    Off to do a bit of stuff around the house before my little boy wakes....mummy has to break the habit of cuddles and wasting the day just staring at him!!!

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    Hi all....

    Just wanted to introduce ourselves ! We have been reading the forums for about a month, learning a lot and enjoying the positive vibes everyone seems to emit! Im actually the DH (yes, slowly picking up all the acronyms). Where are all the other DH's?

    Our plan is to head to SA late July/early August. We have just confirmed our donor (from baby2mom) and just starting to get super excited . We are using CFC and Dr LR. Anyone else be there around that time?

    I met my beautiful DW about a year ago and she had already been doing IVF as a single person for about a year. I quickly jumped on board (when you know you know!). ..We had a full IVF cycle and just tried a FET but none of the 4 on ice made it to blasto. Its been a steep learning curve and hopefully we will get some luck in SA.

    Tittle (DH and DW)

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    Hi Ladies & Tittle,

    I have a very long and traumatic story to tell which I will put in detail when it is over! It is still unfolding and we still have slight chance of a happy ending. The clinic and staff have gone above and beyond to try and salvage our cycle. Would like your opinion regarding any recourse when the donor triggers herself incorrectly? Anyone have this happen?

    A warning to all that this can and did happen to us, therefore dramatically reducing our chances of success. I even went out of my way to obtain a proven donor this time who I thought would know the ropes!

    Will update the roll call shortly as there has been quite a lot of movement.

    - a warm welcome to you! I think you may be our first DH poster although I am sure there are more lurking out there!

    - congratulations our first set of twins for the year.

    Lozby - I hope things have improved for you and you are able to have a fresh transfer. Indeed I have never heard of that happening before so cannot offer any advice.

    All the best to Blinky76, Emski72 & Feather who should be almost home and no doubt POAS with great anticipation. It is great to share and meet fellow bubhubbers and have such wonderful support whilst in Cape Town. I recommend that you all try and catch up with the other girls and DH's whilst in Cape Town

    January xx
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    2014 ROLL CALL





    KLM0511 (ET July)
    Tittle (ET July)
    thembs (ET Apr/May)
    JodiW (ET May)
    Helonweels (FET May)
    Sunflower11 (ET May)
    MrsErinR (ET May)

    Jacks69 (Jo'burg - ET ?)

    Esperanza (ET 30 Apr


    Lozby (Thailand - ET Apr)


    January (2x3D)
    Blinky76 (2x5D)
    Heather (2x5D)
    Emski72 (2x5D)


    Angelmama74 (2x5D)

    twirlywhirl (2x5D)

    Sunny15 - boy 24/3/14
    BJ04 - boy 14/3/14
    Amethyst13 - twin boys 10/3/14
    AllieOop - girl 10/3/14
    Anait - boy 8/3/14

    Plimpy - boy 7/3/14

    Jennilee - girl 5/3/14

    2014 STATS

    BFN = 1
    BFP = 2

    Previous year's roll call can be found on thread #4 page #34
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    Tittle! A bloke on our thread! Fantastic! I'm just back tonight from SA. While over there my DH and I caught up for dinner with January, Feather and Blinky and their partners for dinner and it was fantastic, my hubby really enjoyed getting to talk to the other guys about their experiences and also hearing and sharing with the others about our experiences, so I highly recommend doing a catch up with others once there.

    Just reporting in as I think I have a BFP... a faint second line showed up on the pee test I did tonight when I got home - currently 5dp5dt. So looking good... will be hoping like crazy to see it darken up in the next few days and then to get some good betas. First one scheduled for 7/4 - cross it all for me ladies and gents!
    Em x

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    Tittle - welcome !! I know of one gent that was following the forums on behalf of himself and his lovely partner too... so they are there !! Good luck.

    Emski - that is super exciting - an early congratulations to you.

    Blinky, Feather - hope you are going ok too.

    January - oh gosh... I am gutted to read what is going on for you, but am happy to hear the clinic and staff are doing all they can. Geeze... why couldn't your cycle be the one? I'm sure you have had all these feelings too. I'm sure you're putting on a brave face and doing all the reasoning under the sun as we tend to do. And you're been really lovely not sharing what I am sure is pure desperation and frustration.... it would be for me. I don't know about recourse? Though I must admit, I have heard through the grapevine of similar happening before with some girls just forgetting.... Of course I don't have evidence of this and I guess its another risk we take, we trust that everything is taken care of. I've chosen a "experienced" donor too... but I guess they are only human too.... I myself have nearly forgotten meds etc. It sounds like you are in really good hands with the clinic doing all they can, which I think is honourable considering the situation. My thoughts are with you, I can only imagine what you are going through.

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    Default Sending love

    Congratulations Amethyst13 what wonderful news The arrival of your healthy twin boys.

    Lozby I'm thinking of you and hope your lining has come good for a transfer this cycle. I too haven't heard of fluid on the lining so no advice. Hope you've been able to relax and enjoy yourself regardless as it does sound like good numbers to work with for future cycles but it's so disappointing to have a set back of any kind. Much love.

    Good luck blinky, feather and emski

    Donna thinking of you thanks for your touching post

    Sunflower I hope aunt red has been to visit

    Michdynasty welcome - great to hear your in a good frame of mind, it is a big decision so giving your DH time to think is good meanwhile you can do lots of reading to look at all your options.

    sunny15 you brought a tear to my eye imaging you spending your days gazing at your beautiful boy so special - forget the housework!

    welcome Tittle good luck with your July/August cycle the year is flying so it will be here before you know it. I keep my DH updated on news but he doesn't read and post

    January I read your post last night and am shattered for you I couldn't and can't believe it. It's not a scenario I had ever prepared for. I hope the happy ending is coming your way and I'm so pleased to hear the clinic is right behind you. All my love.

    Hi Sooty

    Sorry if I've missed anyone.

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    I have been MIA following the birth of my beautiful boy on 14 March. Sebastian is three weeks old today and fast asleep in my arms.

    I have quickly read through all the posts I have missed - wow there has been a lot happening. I am so happy for all of you with BFPs and those who have welcomed their LOs too! For those who have shared sadder news I hope you are all doing ok and I am thinking of you. The posts from Helonwheels and DJ resonated with me in particular.

    My boy's birth started out quite normally with an induction due to worries with my blood pressure but about 12 hours in things suddenly went downhill. My midwives decided that the baby was having too many dips in heartrate and called in my OB. I was just over 9cm but baby wasn't low enough. My OB was concerned about baby's heart rate and decided to move me to theatre with the plan they would attempt delivery with forceps. She went out and made a call, came back in looked at the baby's heart rate on the monitor and all of a sudden there were about a dozen people in the room making me ready for theatre. Things started moving very quickly and it got very scary.

    I was given a general as they were really worried about bubs and needed to get him out quick. Next thing I knew I was coming too in ICU the following day. During surgery they had trouble getting a tube in to secure my airway and it took three attempts. During that time I vomited and it went into my lungs.

    My OB was amazing and very open about what happened. She cried when she came to see me in ICU and she believes that the only reason I am here today is because of the skill of the anaesthesiologist.

    I don't think yet that it has fully sunk in that I nearly didn't make it and that it was touch and go for Sebastian as well. I am very thankful that my baby is ok and that I am still here to be with him. It did raise one issue that is probably more relevant to any other single ladies but may also be something for couples to discuss. When I was in ICU and they weren't sure I would make it the hospital spoke to my mum and advised that because I hadn't put anything in writing that should I not make it Sebastian would be made a 'ward of the state' until his future care was confirmed. Would only have been a temporary thing but not what I would want to have happened and would have caused my family further stress.

    Being separated for the first three days with no chance to bond has led to some problems with feeding but Seb is finally gaining weight and each day we are both doing better and better!

    Best wishes for those currently in Cape Town or awaiting results. January I have my fingers crossed for you!

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