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    Hi everyone
    Finally have a chance to update you all properly after returning home from Cape Town on Saturday night. Had tried yesterday but jet lag bit me in the bum!
    Welcome to all the newbies! This place sure is a hive of activity at the moment
    Wanted to wish Emski, Feather and January much baby dust this week as we prepare to get our long anticipated results!
    To answer a question that was asked (sorry I forgot who) CFC recommend 12 day stays to cater for any slight changes to your cycle. And as January pointed out cycles can sometimes not go to plan. Ours did but we were still grateful to have the time to rest and relax. I have to say that this cycle has had me the most relaxed I have ever been in a cycle, which can only be a good thing!

    AFM so far I have resisted testing early and will have a BT on Wednesday. TBH a part of me is scared of testing early and I just want to hold on to the idea that I am PUPO. As for symptoms - not much really except for some on and off mild cramping a bit like my period is about to start. With my OE cycles I always got my period right on time before I got to do a BT or stopped crinone, so far that hasn't happened so I guess that's a good thing?
    I do have a question for the girls who BTDT- Elaine the nurse at CFC recommended the use Arnica Oil for helping with the bruising and swelling caused by the gestone. When I consulted Dr Google (I blame jet lag) it has mixed opinions about its use in pregnancy... It's made me nervous. I've stopped using it just Incase but now wonder why it was recommended?

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    Thinking of you emski!

    January, that does worry me a little how the agencies are all gun ho and check in with you lots but once all signed and monies received they go quiet... As you said I'm sure it was not intentional of your donor but some acknowledgement from the agency would be nice. Hope your flight home is ok and all For sticky little embabies. Thanks for heads up on donor bank option.
    Thankfully Karin has kept me up to date with our donors progress, agency didn't call to let us know she'd had her appointments.
    Mrserin, she's been tested for the basic cf genes (all clear) but this is for the 2000 odd extras (as hubby carries a rare mutation) but still don't understand why it's taking so long. We both had it done in Moscow and had results back in 10 days. I questioned them but they got a bit defensive, like I was questioning their geneticist so now just trying to keep patient and keep all crossed they're all clear. I guess in the grand scheme of things it's not that long for something so important but in this game no matter how much time passes the waiting is always tough

    Wow lozby, great egg collection and everything crossed you can transfer before you leave. Hope you have been able to enjoy some of your trip.

    Klm, a shame about your first choice and hope #2 will be good for July for you.

    Agree tittle this forum is a great little haven of information, hope and most importantly support. Nothing about ivf is easy and can be really lonely at times, glad you have found us.

    Esperanza, not too long for you now.

    myheart, not sure if ms is in the genes and can be passed down, hopefully the Dr's should be able to share if nothing on dr Google. I'm also a big follower on gut feelings if it doesn't feel right then don't go with them as we can never be 100% sure. No one in my hubbies family had any idea that he and his brother had these rare cf genes that resulted in infertility until his older brother started trying for his family 10 yrs ago, at which point hubby was given a less than 3% chance of also carrying it. Wasn't tested at the time being younger and not in a relationship and low and behold...

    Welcome girlffromsydney, I did my ivf at the bondi clinic but using a donor agency in SA. GL for your upcoming cycle.

    odd question...anyone else noticing there hair falling out, is coming out with washing, brushing and even when I just run my fingers through it. Have been on dhea for over a year but only noticed this since stopping it in January with last cycle? Wouldn't mind so much if it was the grey ones

    To everyone.

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    Oh my I think it's been a week since I last posted and 10 pages later here we are, this thread is flowing like wildfire.

    All the announcements of the bubs coming into the world just make this thread even more special a huge congratulations to you all.

    Pixel, wow your almost there, hasn't time flown by.

    BB4me how are you going?

    Rainbow sounds like you are going great guns too, not long now

    Emski FX for a humungous rise in beta, enough to help make the worrying go away, you don't need stress right now.

    January, what a ride I feel for you, I have every faith that these little embies chose you and the test will bring you news you have been waiting for.

    BJ how horrid for you, glad to hear both yourself and Sebastian are recovering nicely and together, fenugreek will also help with the milk, but I'm sure you have been advised of this already.

    Welcome to the newbies and Tittle great to have a man onboard our very first one, read back through the threads, pretty much all the questions you have will be answered as I said in my very first post the hardest part is giving up on your eggs but frankly I rarely think off M as coming from a donor, he is mine and I am his.

    AFM triptorelin taken today so I have officially started my cycle, its going to work this time!!! I still haven't received my "plan", but that's ok I did receive an email with dates things are to start on so have made my own up, I've done this enough times lol. I'm a bit nervous about taking the immune drugs that side is all new to me but I'm sure it will all be fine. I'm not able to do intralipids before the transfer but have ask CFC to book me in for a couple of days after transfer (they only do them certain days) so I at least get one lot done I'm not too concerned as Dr M said I have a mild case of NK cells so along with all the other drugs I'm sure it will be under control I have to leave it up to the gods as there isn't really much I can do about it. My main concern is my lining I'm unable to do the scan which they wanted on 25th until 28th as I'm away, I start taking gestone on 27th. has anyone had their prognova upped as their lining wasn't responding? how much was it upped too? I'm planning on eating eggs and avocado everyday, but lining was only 9 last cycle so I wanted to help increase it to at least double figures for transfer day, any suggestions?

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    2014 ROLL CALL






    Tittle (ET July)
    thembs (ET Jun)
    JodiW (ET May)
    Helonweels (FET May)
    Sunflower11 (ET May)
    MrsErinR (ET May)

    Jacks69 (Jo'burg - ET ?)

    Esperanza (ET 30 Apr


    Lozby (Thailand - ET Apr)


    January (2x3D)
    Blinky76 (2x5D)
    Heather (2x5D)


    Emski72 (2x5D)
    Angelmama74 (2x5D)

    twirlywhirl (2x5D)

    Sunny15 - boy 24/3/14
    BJ04 - boy 14/3/14
    Amethyst13 - twin boys 10/3/14
    AllieOop - girl 10/3/14
    Anait - boy 8/3/14

    Plimpy - boy 7/3/14

    Jennilee - girl 5/3/14

    2014 STATS

    BFN = 1
    BFP =

    Previous year's roll call can be found on thread #4 page #34
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    Hi ladies my beta was 111 so looking good! This is considered an official
    Now roll on the hell of waiting for that all important second beta on Wed

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    Blinky - Elaine also recommended the Arnica Oil for me and I had googled and found that info as well - but after consulting with my IVF Specialist in Australia when I returned, he said it would be fine to use as it was only to be used topically on my butt and really does help with bruising. After the first week of Gestone injections, mine didn't even hurt. Not sure if that was the Arnica or my body just getting used to the drug? I know Jodi had a bad reaction to it - so just watch out for signs of irritation.

    Emski - have my fingers crossed for you today. Hoping to hear good news soon.

    Jodi - congrats on starting your meds for your cycle. You must be very excited and it sounds like you are in a strong positive frame of mind also, which is wonderful.

    Blinky, Feather & January - hope you are all going well also in your 2WW?

    I know I've said it before, but post January's cycle it's brought up a lot of the feelings that I had when my cycle went wrong and the horrible way in I felt the donor agency communicated with me following it. I found Baby2Mom to be completely uninterested in what was happening to me emotionally post the abominable egg retrieval from our donor. It was like they had done their bit in the whole process so dusted their hands of us and how we were feeling - not that I don't understand or appreciate what our donors have gone through for us physically and emotionally in this process, but the process would not be taking place at all without the recipients need to use donor eggs and we have paid handsomely for the service. At that point, I felt quite alone and isolated in a foreign country. More sympathetic communication from them would have been nice, given what had happened. I will NEVER forget the email after we only got one poor quality egg from our donor "we never know what happens with the gametes" I felt sick to the stomach after reading that and it made the whole horrible situation worse for me - not better. I know I owe my current pregnancy to Dr L R - for if he had stopped where he could have stopped, we wouldn't be going on 35 weeks pregnant now with eggs from another donor and from a different agency.

    Also for the newbies... definitely consider signing the form for the frozen egg bank. You don't have to do this until your first consultation with your Dr when you arrive in SA (but I had also been sent the forms prior to this, so we had given it lots of thought) It's your insurance policy should you have a terrible disaster in your cycle and it's your gift to another woman should your cycle result in an excellent crop. If you opt in, you are just agreeing to donate any eggs you receive over 15 to the egg bank (Dr L R told me that they usually only take them if your donor produces over 20) but it well and truly saved our cycle - and I am praying that it has saved January's as well.

    On a more positive note, I shared every bit of my journey and experience in South Africa with my IVF clinic in Australia who also went above and beyond to help me prepare for the cycle in SA as well as monitored me after I received the positive pregnancy test results and took excellent care of me right up until the time that they could hand me over to my Obstetrician. I was asked by the clinic if I would be open to being contacted by women who were facing a similar situation to mine in needing to look at donor eggs - and I agreed whole heartedly. I think I have said before that aside from the way that the donor agency handled us post the egg retrieval issue - the care from the clinic was absolutely outstanding in every way and we had the holiday of a lifetime on top of it - AND came back pregnant.

    I think that it is wonderful that the current government in Australia have reduced the red tape with overseas adoptions... I hope that this will someday follow through to egg donors as well, so that this option becomes more readily available for women like us in Australia that don't really have any other options.

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    Huge Congrats!!! Emski, this is great news. Roll on BFP in 2014. 👏👏👏👏

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    Congrats emski

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    Well done Em - very good first beta

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    Congratulations Em that's great news - looking forward to Wednesdays rise

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