first of all, Thank you for reading this... I have been searching the internet for a little bit of hope, but thought I would post here to see if anyone had the same sort of thing then got a Bfp..

I am pretty regular with my cycles and have been using a period/ovulation tracker on my phone for 18 months.
when my periods come, they always come in force from the first moment they arrive.

My LMP started 28/2/14 and lasted till 6/3/14.
I had ovulation cramps on 13/3 & 14/3 (felt on left side)
Next cycle due Friday 28/3/14

at around 7 dpo I noticed a few things - I had quite horrible nausea in the evenings/nights, my breasts were getting the let down sensation on and off (haven't fed my son for 18 months and haven't experienced let down pains for about 2 years)
on 8 dpo I noticed my sense of smell was a bit stronger. I got a horrible smell from the drain in the kitchen sink and my sons nappies smelt so bad of wee.
on 9dpo I felt slight pinching on my lower left side and started getting slight cramps in my lower back and slight uterine cramping.
at 8:30 PM on 9dpo I went to the toilet. When I wiped I had lots of pink/brown coloured mucus. It looked exactly how my mucus plug looked when I lost it with my son. I had this one more time that night and put a pad on before bed so I could monitor it.
when I woke up on 10dpo I had a tiny bit of black:brown spots on my pad.
about an hour later I went to the toilet and there was lots of black blood - it turned onto a red colour yesterday afternoon and I had moderate cramping in uterus and lower back. I noticed last night after having a shower that my nipples were slightly itchy.

today at 11dpo I have no cramps and my breasts are noticeably fuller...

I have never had AF come 5 days early, and I usually have terrible cramps the whole 6/7 days too.

has anyone had anything like this and it turn into a bfp? Or did it end up being early AF?

im driving myself insaine. I had nothing when I was pregnant with my son and found out at 6 weeks.