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    Default Seeking information on egg donor selection process in South Africa

    Hi all

    I'm very new at this forum and tried to reply to one of the many South African egg donation threads - but so hard to work out how to add material and also don't want my questions to be lost amongst the many many posts - so I'm taking a gamble and starting another one off...hope ok!!!

    I am 45, single and currently on my 3rd AID cycle through CFC in Canberra. Used the xytex site to choose the sperm - that has all been terrific.

    I have already considered donor eggs - and have given myself four tries using my own eggs before cutting to donor eggs as plan b.

    I might have this as my last cycle (turkey baster operation conducted today) - i'll see. Amazing how devastating it is to get the negative - despite all my pragmatic rationalism about it all.

    My sister (age 37) is possibly considering being the egg donor - we are still working through that - though I was a little disheartened to find out today that CFC cant do that as I'm single - I have to head to Sydney for that- chasing up info on that at the moment.

    My Dr has suggested SA from word go - and I'm keen - booked in to work through that as an option with her in a month or so.

    I was told however that when picking your donor - it is not possible to see photos - this is news to me - and I'm very curious to know if it is true?

    I would find that very challenging picking a donor that I haven't seen a physical description of - love to hear from other people's experiences - is this true???

    I also guessing that the Cape Fertility clinic does the embryo transfer right there and then - ie no freezing embryos to then do transfer later. My understanding is that this increases the success rate - is this true?

    Looking forward to hearing about other people's experiences - and any clues on what details you get of the donor.

    I found the photo service offered by Xytex indispensable - I would feel very worried not having seen photos first.

    Thanks to all!!!!!!

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    Hi there,

    you really would be better off joining the egg donation in SA thread as there is a lot of help to be offered by the ladies there and while it moves fast most of the time your questions will be answered... if not just post again.

    You do get to see your donors photos as a kid, no adult photos though.
    I'm currently in Cape Town and my transfer is on Saturday - as far as I know they don't do a 'freeze cycle' for you to just turn up at a later date and do the transfer.
    Good luck with everything.
    Em x

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    Default Thank you so much for replying and best of luck with transfer!!!!

    Hi there Em

    thank you so much for taking the time to write - and yes I agree - I will join the major forum on the issue.

    Thank you so much for answering my Q - I had heard the same now from a variety of sources - so thanks again.

    And most importantly - best of luck with your own process - many thoughts there.

    Thanks agaiin



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