Hi ladies, hope you can help me out... will obviously call the fertility clinic tomorrow but want to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

OK, so cycle 1 IVF/ICSI resulted in a big fat negative. AF flow arrived, started again, this time higher dose of puregon (150, up from 112).

Had my 1st ultrasound on day 5 and found that I had a cyst that was around 3cm. By suggestion of the fertility specialist the cycle was cancelled, and the cyst was drained. I was triggered with Pregynl and commenced on 10mg Provera twice daily for 10 days.

That takes me to Friday 14/3 - when provera was finished. Nothing happened on Sat or Sun but Mon/Tues/Wed 17/3-19/3 I started spotting, and assumed my periods were coming....

OK.... TMI here.... the spotting never turned into anything more, there was no blood, more just like brown gunk, and to be honest you probably wouldn't have even needed to wear protection, but did just for the "clean feeling"

I called FS on Thursday and bloods were taken, and attended an ultrasound on Friday afternoon. According to my bloods and ultrasound it showed my "spotting" was actually my period, the endometrium was thin, and bloods showed I was at the start of my cycle.

Therefore was told to commence Puregon 150 again, and have done so for Fri, Sat and Sun (tonight). Again Sat & Sun I started spotting again, no blood just brown gunk, not heavy but heavier than that during earlier week ( requires panty liner type level).

Clearly this isn't my period, but not sure that I should be spotting during injections ?? Anyone had similar experience.

Not sure if this is relevant or not but my periods have never been particularly heavy, and often more like brown gunk, with the occasional red if you get what I mean.

Anyone know what my crazy body is doing ?