I bought the compact because I like the idea of having a second attachment for next child. I also bought it because it's good value for money as it already comes with everything u need, instead of buying separately.

Practically, I think it's fine... I have the bassinet attachment and I find it hard to reach into the pouch underneath because the bassinet is in the way. I also go for lots of walks with Ds. When I tried it in store it felt super smooth... But since taking the pram out and only walking in my neighbourhood, i feel that ucan feel very bump under the pram...this is my first baby so not sure if it's like this with every pram..

In terms of size...I wouldn't say it's heaps compact....I'm small so probably a bit heavy for me but to be honest it felt just as heavy as the other prams to me...
Overall I don't mind the pram. It's easy to fold n it locks when folded. The bassinet looks comfy n padded.

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