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    No tips on how to settle him easier - but to make your evenings less stressful you could prepare dinner in the mornings when you are fresher and bub is less needy?
    We survived on slowcooker meals / spag bol / microwave steamed fish and steamed veg bags or salads during the clingy weeks....and quite a few nights I'd have cereal for dinner. I made sure I gave 3yo DD a decent lunch as I knew dinner time would be hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAgirl View Post
    I just had a quick read up on wonder weeks, how can they be accurate if it's done by due date? Most due dates aren't even accurate?

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    Its based on date from conception really and due date is usually the best guess of conception - wonder weeks are consistent with brain development milestones which occur at certain times after conception, doesnt matter when your bub was born but when they were conceived.

    I find that its quite accurate for DS but I know which day I ovulated & therefore my edd was pretty accurate though ds was born at 41+1. So his wonder weeks start just over a week early - which is mostly what I've observed.

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    Thanks all.
    @VicPark, love the @rsehole hour! Haha. I normally sit in the room with him anywhere from 6pm, dark curtains no noise (apart from DS1 out in the lounge). We haven't done the bath before bed thing yet as I'm still not bathing him every day, and it's so darn hot! Plus with him not sleeping for Hours from 2:30pm sometimes earlier, he's really upset in the bath he cries a lot. Poor little man.

    He is quite grizzly pretty much all afternoon, I feed a fair bit and the he's happy for a while, then grizzled again when tired so I try and put him down, sometimes he cat naps, other times he just won't sleep.

    I wish the weather would get cooler now as the Arvos are so stuffy and warm and I can't wrap him properly as he sweats

    At the moment I'm using an ergo cocoon, only for the past 2 days. It's better than what I was using but he wriggles his arms up all the time.

    As for the wonder weeks, they changed my due date so many times and I have no idea when I ovulated as I had a really long (43) day cycle when I fell pregnant with him.

    And then he was 13 days late

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    Have u tried not wrapping him when it's very warm?
    A cool bath or a wash in the sink for a couple mins of an arvo. Then a feed and pop him down. Try doing something like this consistently along with sleep cues (dark room, comforter ect) so he learns what happens next. If he won't settle, pop him in the pram while you get stuff done? Do dinner prep of morn or when bub is settled.
    I found the sleeping got better once we got into a consistent routine. At around 6mths it all clicked. With a toddler who dropped her day sleep, it was hard work! But we got there.


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