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    Quote Originally Posted by ozeymumof5 View Post
    I think at that age your going to have to keep reminding him not to do it. Tell him it's yucky, and germs live under his nails etc...the nail biting stuff is like a clear nail polish and it burns your lips/mouth a bit like Vicks would.
    I tell him it is yucky every time he does it, but seems it doesn't bother him

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    My DD used to bite hers and I used to say each time we were near a chemist, 'should we go and buy some of that horrible tasting nail polish'. She's now nearly 6 and after a good 2 yrs of serious skin and nail biting, this last few months she's finally grown nails that we've been able to paint. We went on holiday and she got her toes done but didn't have any finger nails worth painting. I think that was the final 'click' that she needed. đŸ˜„

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    As a nail biter, and as someone who has a son that is a nail biter, what is the big deal if they do? Their nails might not look "nice" and you might not be able to "pretty them up" with nail polish if you have a girl, but it doesn't hurt anyone else. If they decide that they want to stop, then you can look for solutions. Until then, I would just let them go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HLE View Post
    Thanks very much for your post ! It gave me a lot of insight into the behavior. he just started a few months ago, so may be it is a good time if I act now. It seems like he bites his nail more when he is anxious or nervous, at first I thought it might be just a phase, but now I can see its getting worse. The other day he saw me clipping my fingernail and asked to have his nail clipped. I showed him his fingernail and said there isn't any nail left to be clipped. And I told him if he want to clip his nail like mummy, he needs to let his nail grow and if he bites them, they won't grow. After that every time when he bit his nail, I asked him if he wanted them to grow or not. This worked for a limited of time and after that nothing can stop him biting. I offered him things to bite instead, but they must don't feel as good as biting nails. He found his toenails are still intact and started biting them too, so I put his socks on most of the time so that he can't see them.

    I might try that nail polish as a next step and see how it works. Seems like I have to act earlier than later
    Oh I meant to ask if it was a stress/anxiety thing or just boredom. Given it seems to be the former, then maybe it's worth continuing to try and substitute the nail-biting with a different comforting or sensory behaviour. Not sure what though sorry!
    This also reminds me of one other thing I forgot to mention - while I'm not usually too bothered by my nail biting if I notice I'm doing it excessively then I use a nail file to smooth them down completely so there's absolutely nothing there to bite. I still kind of end up sucking on them, but it gives the nails a rest to regrow and recover.

    Good luck with it!


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