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    Default Homeschooling in Melbourne

    Hi can anyone help please, My husband and I moved with our three children from the UK to Melbourne in June last year. My 11 yr old is very happy at school but is due to change schools at the end of the year so looking into homeschool options & my 4yr old unfortunately is bored at Kinder as he was due to start full time school in the UK last September but being a July baby missed out on this years in take, I do a lot of activities with him at home but have sent him to kinder for the social aspect as unfortunately haven't made many friends yet. My 15yr old has never liked school and unfortunately will find any excuse not to go, I have been looking into homeschooling him over here but am very nervous, he is very shy which also concerns me I would like him to get out and meet children his own age, and be a happy teenager. Is anyone homeschooling teens? If so any help would be appreciated please. At the moment his main subjects are psychology, science, history, Web design, Computer programming, maths, English. If you homeschool can you choose your subjects and is there groups that we can meet up with? Sorry so many questions any help would appreciated please it has been really hard moving away from family and friends, I just want my children to be happy. Many Thanks

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    Sorry I don't have a useful reply, but just wanted to say good luck with it all. Not sure if there are many things in place for home school within the major cities but hope you find something that works for your family.

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