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    Smile Home schooling and hiring a tutor

    Hi Everybody!!

    I've just got a few questions about the home schooling and hiring a tutor.

    A) Would it financially feasible and subsidized by the In Home Care Scheme or government child care rebate?

    B) What sort of attitudes does the home schooling community have toward governesses/home tutors?

    Is a part or full time tutorsomething home schooling families would even want or need ? I think that, in a family that had special needs children, children of vastly differing ages or lots of children, that somebody like me (who is great with kids, has a strong general education, knows a little about teaching and learning and has training and experience working with a wide range of special needs ) I might be a particularly useful , but i don't really know a lot about what support services are available and what type of budgetary constraints and financial backing families would be eligible for. I was also wondering how having a governess/home tutor would fit in with the goals and value systems of home schooling parents. Would Christian home schoolers be turned off by the fact I don't have a strong religious faith or would they be fine with that so long as I respected the family's belief system and set my lessons in accordance with their faith? I had a strong religious upbringing so it wouldn't be hard for me to talk about and teach the children in accordance with Christianity. Would parents who were using an alternative schooling method be happy for me to train myself as I went along? I've worked a little in Waldorf based setting but otherwise all my training and experience has involved mainstream methods, although I'd be available long term and happy to train myself in and use alternative teaching methods (so long as they didn't violate my duty of care to the

    c) How would I market myself to home schooling families? Ok, so I have three potentially marketable services to offer here: a) I have a speech pathology background and lots of special needs experience, so if a home schooling family needed somebody to spend four or five hours a day working through special therapy and learning activities, then I'm their person; b) I can teach, organize and run a schoolroom and generally take care of up to four kids while their parents are off doing other things; and c) I can work alongside the parents to give each child more individual care and attention, and help with any subject the child or children is/are struggling with. Any combination of these services would basically be my ideal job, although I'd rather tutor than nanny and I'm not willing to falsify any legal documents (which means I will probably need to avoid SOTA families). So, how should I go about marketing myself to home schooling families? What kind of service is likely to be the most in demand and where should I post my resume? I guess the obvious start will be to email my details and resume to every home schooling unit in Australia, but can you guys think of any specific organisations or websites where I should be uploading my resume?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this !! Any help or suggestions are much appreciated!!
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