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    Default Family law helped me

    Quote Originally Posted by BbBbBh View Post
    He would have rights if he: ascertained that he was the biological father and he went through a period of supervised visits if you pushed for that. The family law court believes in 50/50 parental responsibility (ie decision making for the child). He can not go and pick your daughter up from school atm as there is no evidence that he is the father. Does he know where you are if he wanted to contact you? In my experience, the more difficult it is for the other parent the less they are likely to pursue it.

    A pp said that 'he doesn't have rights, the child does'. That's kind of true. Unfortunately the family law court feels that a child has a right to know both parents and it's up to the one parent to prove that the other parent is not suitable to be around the child (unfortunately the unsuitable parent can be a total scum, emotionally abusive but the family law court still thinks this is an important relationship for the child ).
    I just have to say after reading your comment "unfortunately the family law court feels that a child has a right to know both parents"
    Thankfully they do,as a father I'm up against my ex partner who isnt to well mentally, falsely accusing me of serious alegations hence cutting me off from my 4 year old daughter...I have to go to court to even see her...and hopefully clear my name.
    Just because two people cant get along means nothing...bad luck made the choice together ....the child has every right to see both parents..Mother and Father. Thank god the courts are coming round to help more men in my situation.

    I hope things work out for you.

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    This thread is old, I’m sure the OP has the answers needed now. I shall close this thread.


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