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    Default 7 weeks pregnant with identical twins ??

    Hi everyone (and thanks in advanced for your help).

    I found out a few days ago I'm 7 weeks pregnant with identical twins. They came from a single embryo transfer and share a gestational sac. I'm planning on calling the high risk clinic tomorrow.

    What can I expect?

    I know we need to do ultrasounds to check for a membrane separating them (hopefully!). How often will this be until they find it?

    And assuming they do find one, what then?

    I feel so overwhelmed (But very very happy).

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    Hi there. Our twins membrane became visible at about 10 or 11 weeks from memory. I had many scans along the way (monthly and then fortnightly) but our twins grew beautifully and stayed the same size throughout....this is a big factor in identical twins as they share a placenta.

    Good luck with your pregnancy and it's super special having identical twins! Be ready for the questions....you will never go anywhere without being stopped again!! People are fascinated by twins and especially identicals.

    PM me if I can answer any questions at all. We have identical girls nearly 9 months old.

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    Our identical girls are 11 weeks old today. We found out at 7 weeks and could see the membrane then. Be prepared for extra scans after 20 weeks as they want to check their growth rate. At 26 weeks my two had a 15% growth difference and I was told to stop working (I have a pretty physical job). Then at 30 weeks, my cervix shortened quite a bit and I was put on bed rest. The Ob didn't think I'd make it to my scheduled due date. But we made it and The girls were born with a 3% difference. So, my point is, expect to take it really easy in the end. I was very active with my first, worked up until 38 weeks. This pregnancy was very different.

    Get some high grade iron tablets, they'll drain you and make you anemic which will make you really fatigued. I can't remember what the name was but it had a red cap on the bottle. Multi-vitamins aren't enough. Found this out the hard way.

    Become best friends with your physio and find one that specializes in womens health if you can. Mine really helped with pelvic floor and pelvic strength (but I had issues before I got pregnant). SRC recovery shorts are your best friend after birth.

    You may have to have a cesarian so be prepared for your birth plan to be changed at the last minute.

    You'll also be stuck in the middle of them elbowing and kicking each other for room in the end.

    Don't beat yourself up if you can't breast feed them.

    I agree with Nat, be prepared for everyone to stop you and ask about them. One of my girls had to be hospitalized two weeks ago with bronchiolitis and one of the nurses asked if they were twins. Oi.

    I'm not going to lie. It's pretty full on. Make sure you ask for help, even if you don't think you'll need it. Someone making a meal for you and putting it in your freezer will do wonders when they're both screaming at the same time in the evening. But then they both smile at you and it makes it all worth it.

    PM me too if you have any questions.


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