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    Default Why Don't We Want to Have S3x Anymore?

    I want to share this article with you - Which actually scares me quite a bit (simply because of how much it speaks to me)


    I love my husband, I love my family, I feel safe, secure, loved, cared for and happy in most respects, but as far as sexuality goes, I am rarely (if ever) sexually attracted to my husband. It's a real problem between us that we've put down to emotional issues etc that we bring up with our marriage counselor, but this article makes me wonder whether its more of a physiological problem that many women like me face..

    The last thing I would ever want is to stray from my husband, (and I'm not currently attracted to anyone else and know exactly how to not invite that into my life so feel pretty safe) but the whole idea that THIS may be why Im not attracted for the last so and so months/years concerns me.

    I understand a lot of people wouldnt want to speak up/admit this because of the sensitivity of the subject and the implications that it makes you a "bad" person (which I disagree with, so long as you havent done anything its not your fault how you feel)

    .. BUT if there is anyone out there who can relate, I think this might be a good read for you.

    I can only guess marriage counselling is the answer? What else can we do?

    Much love, -Ki

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    Hey Ki, I don't think there is anything wrong with the way you are feeling. Whilst DH and I don't have any s3x troubles (aside from the standard ones that come after 18mths TTC lol) I totally related with this article too!!

    I actually think it's great that you know yourself well enough to understand/identify what your real thoughts and feelings are.

    Do you feel comfortable talking to DH about what you thought about this article?

    I'm pretty...shall we say...adventurous when it comes to our s3x life and it took me ages to be confident enough to talk to DH about some desires. I was so scared he would think badly of me, but his reaction was quite the opposite, he was relieved and actually excited. His confidence in sharing his desires has increased so much since I started talking about mine.

    It sounds cliched but (for us anyway) it really did come down to just talking really honestly with each other.

    It sounds like you have a great life going, and s3x is really just another facet of that. It might help to try and think about it more clinically if that makes sense? I think balance is important, sometimes it should be "making love" but other times it should be more raw, physical etc if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, just my personal thoughts hope some of it helps. Thanks for sharing the article xx

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