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    To be honest the first thing I would do is change the locks. I wouldn't even bother asking for the key back because I wouldn't trust that she doesn't have another copy.

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    Default I have been there..

    Dear HappyPeanut,
    First congrats on your baby! Enjoy every moment. I had to post to this thread and say you are not alone in your situation. But unfortunately I have to warn you that at least in my case, it got much worst with the birth of my son. My MIL told me what my birthing plan in the room would be, which as I am alot like you, really shy and private, I did not want her there front and center! I didn't even want my own Mom in there to see my personal areas.
    It went downhill from that, insisting on moving closer, demanding alone time with the Grandson. She never wanted to come eat dinner as a family, she only wanted time with her grandson. She also continually disobeyed every rule we set down for our son, which were mostly just safety things and healthy eating habits that we wanted him to learn so he would not make our mistakes. It was hard I never knew what to say, if I spoke up, she would twist my words and use them against me to my husband. If I didn't speak then she would say I was snobbish. It became the number one arguement with me and my hubby and almost led me to divorce him, not because I did not love him but because I just couldn't deal with her anymore.

    There is alot more than this... alot more drama, and some excellent letters that are alot like your parking lot conversation. Finally though, my husband saw what I was seeing, I never said much but she showed her true colors to him one evening. He was SHOCKED! But I could have never told him, this was his mother and he loved her, so how could she be doing all these awful things? After that he cut off contact with her, and told me we would not speak with her again. I really wish it would not have come to that, that I could at least have family Sunday Dinners and Thanksgiving with a big family. However after cutting off contact the venom filled letters started and then accusations of things that I never did... After all is said and done I know that cutting off contact was the best move for our family, we are happier and closer than ever. I very much love my husband, he is wonderful, though I wish it was not this way.

    So please hang in there. I know now that the situation was not my fault, so please do not do what I did and feel guilty all the time. Be a great Mom and enjoy your baby. I wish the very best for you and hope you situation turns out better than mine did!

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    Wow, that's a very scary situation to be in. Does she have a mental illness that could explain her behavior?

    I don't have any advice, but I hope things get better for you soon. It's great that your partner has been so understanding and supportive.

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    Surely your DP can see EXACTLY why you don't want his Mum near your child.
    I wouldn't want someone like that who has no respect for you near my child.
    Stand your ground.
    Best of luck.

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    Omg OP your hubby needs to get some bloody balls! How could he not say anything when his mum was screaming at you saying you were ugly!

    Stand up for yourself and demand your hubby support you!

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