Ok so i am currently Exclusively boob feeding and have come to a time where i need to have my little miss taking a bottle for a day or few at a time.

She happily takes freshly expressed boob milk but refuses to take frozen and re heated stuff or formula and im getting desperate ive just found out the first date i need her having bottles by is the 21st of this month 9 days if im not wrong and im terrified she wont... last time she had to be bottle fed she starved herself for 20 hours until i could finally return home to feed her and unfortunatly the thing thats come up is not baby friendly so i have no choice

I need ideas detailed in full i know i can scorch my ebm due to some fat related thing but do i have to do that before freezing or after or what .... also i have so much ebm in my freezer at the moment what can i do with that? ive even tried a mixed bottle half ebm half formula and nope ive tried changing bottles nothing is working