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    Default Postpartum body changes

    Hi All,

    I have noticed that since having my DS all these body surprises are being discovered. I have more stretchmarks than when I was pregnant!!!

    During pregnancy, I had very few stretchmarks- more so underneath my belly bump from all the pressure of the baby (he was always a very low lying baby). They were small purplish stretchmarks. Since having my baby, I have noticed that I have the white stretchmarks around my mid-section (around my belly button) which I think have appeared since by baby arrived. Has anyone else discovered new stretchmarks?

    Also, does your Linea nigra disappear? Mine goes all the way up to stomach :-P And does your belly button ever go back to normal? ....because I don't think mine will :-P

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    I didn't get any stretmarks during or after pregnancy, so not sure about that, but it sounds like the new ones could be hormonal?. My linea nigra probably took about 6-8 months to completely go after each preg, but faded significantly in the first 3 or 4 months. What does your belly button look like? Mine popped during my second preg, but pretty well went back in once bub was born. I have a very deep belly button though, I'm surprised it even popped in the first place, lol! Not sure how old your LO is, but it can take quite some time for your body to recover after all the changes from pregnancy & birth.
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    I didn't get stretch marks from either pregnancy but I totally think that getting them afterwards would be fairly normal. The damage to the skin may have happened during pregnancy but the scarring may have only showed up post pregnancy?

    As for the linea nigra, mine never disappeared, it faded but was still always there. I'm in my third and final pregnancy so maybe in a few years of not being pregnant it will go away.

    As for the belly button. I can't remember what my belly button looked like pre preg so who'd know? Lol. I think it looks fairly normal though now?

    Anyway, you'll bounce back. Anyone who says you won't is just being mean. My tummy is flatter now that it ever has been in my entire life (ok not right now but before this pregnancy lol) but it takes time and dedication.
    Give yourself a chance to recover

    DH, Me and our two boys.
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    I had stretch marks mostly on my bum! As I couldn't see them, they didn't bother me. Dh used to make fun of them and try to count any more new ones.
    I put on 20kgs for bothy pregnancies. I'm naturally slim build with fast metabolism. I have also always lead a very active lifestyle. I have just gone back to running each day 12mthd after my 2nd was born.
    Ive lost all and more of my baby weight quite quickly within 6mths. Without trying....I have a toddler too and I breastfed. The only stretch marks I have a tiny ones up the very top, inside of my thighs.
    Oh and my boobs are like deflated balloons. Too saggy and flat to see any stretch marks. My boobs went from a c cup to ddd to b cup. Now I working on building the muscle behind them.

    Belly button was massive but went back to shape, put my belly ring back in straight away.
    Tummy was loose but as I lost the weight, it too tightened up back to even better than pre preg.
    i still have the line on my belly 15mths later. I love it, reminds me I carried my babies in there

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    I only have about 20cm worth diameter of stretch marks but they go away.

    My belly button is massive crater now haha. It will fix up a little but it won't be the same again.

    The linea negra disappears after q while.

    The pigmentation on my face doesn't go away and neither do my saggy b00bs.


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