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    Default Religion and the rules of conversation

    One of the curious features of religion is that it is widely regarded as wrong or inappropriate to question a person's beliefs on this topic whereas it is perfectly acceptable for people to disagree on politics or economics or social policy, ie issues that actually matter.

    While most sane people would not hesitate to say it is loopy to believe that Elvis is still alive, to make the same judgement about the belief that someone called Jesus "rose from the dead" 2,000 years ago is regarded by many as offensive. At least we are reasonably certain that Elvis actually lived in the first place, which is more than we can say for Jesus. However, evidence for the post mortem survival of either man is conspicously lacking beyond the testimony of "true believers".

    The truth is that in Australia only 17% of persons under age 30 believe the resurrection of Jesus was an actual historical event (source: National Church Life Survey). So isn't about time we stopped shielding such beliefs from the kind of criticism any other questionable proposition would receive in the course of normal discussion. And isn't about time we stopped subsidising the institutions that push these beliefs with hand-outs, tax breaks and preferential treatment.

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    I feel all beliefs should be held to open scrutiny, and those that show substantial reasonable grounds for belief should be accepted (though continued to be placed under scrutiny), but then, I have been scientifically trained giving me a heavy bias toward reason...


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