Hello all,

My DD is 11 months old. We're headed overseas when she is 13.5 months old and I am hoping to have a cocktail (or four haha) in the evenings. Therefore, I'm wanting to wean her off her bedtime feed before then. I will hopefully still be feeding her once a day (in the morning) and wish to continue doing so for quite a while yet.

Obviously, I don't want to do this before 12 months, but just want to start preparing. She has just recently dropped her midday feed, so is nursing twice a day.

Currently our bedtime routine is bath, story, boob, song, bed. Sometimes she feeds to sleep, other times she doesn't. She can self-settle, but obviously associates boob with bedtime. My question is, what is the best way to go about dropping this feed? Should I start bfing her before her bath now to break the association? Or should I wait until she's already 12 months and just stop the feed and have a few bad evenings? Do I replace it with cow's milk (in a sippy cup) or just give her nothing? Wow, I'm clueless!