Hello - I am trying to make a decision between 2 high schools for my daughter who starts high school in 2016 as year 7 student. One is St Thomas More. A catholic school with fees of approx. $5'000 per year (and I have 2 daughters so I can double that) that is 10 minutes walk from home. We are not religious and the religious aspect bothers me somewhat.

The other school is MacGregor SHS in MacGregor Sth Brisbane. It is a very big school - will be approx. 2000 students - but it has excellent facilities and a fabulous dance, drama, arts program. I liked the feel of this school better but my daughter is a little reserved and many people tell me she will be lost at such a big school. I'm not so sure as I think since she's a little on the quirky side she's more likely to find kids of her ilk at a bigger school.

Has anyone been to MacGregor or heared anything of it's reputation? It has also just become an independent public school. I'm not really sure what this means. Thanks for any input.