In general how much support does your primary kids teacher provide in the playground? For example if your kids is being hassled by another kid and goes to the teacher for support (by hassle I mean excluding from games, putting sand in hair etc)

Dd6's prep teacher last year was fantastic in every way. But this year when dd6 goes to get teacher with a problem she gets told to shake it off. She had quickky learned not to bother the teacher.

Now I understand that she needs to learn to deal with playground politics herself but surely at 6 she could expect a little support?

I've already had to speak to the teacher because dd6 had been pushed over twice in the line up, by a kid who wanted to be first in line. It eventually got sorted out but the teacher didn't tell me, dd6 did.

I just don't know what's normal because her prep and grade 1 teachers are polar opposites.