Hiya - I'm just keen for some thoughts from ppl and I know Ivfers know more about this stuff than most. Thought it would be worth asking pregnant women too since it's worked for you! I'm having a monitored cycle of natural TTC and have had some prog results I'm interested on some opinions about.

Im a bit glum cos I'm wondering if I'm 'out' already. I had a prog test at 3dpo and result was 26nmol/l which the clinic said was good. Another today at 6dpo and an increase to 38nmol/l. The nurse said the FS said the progesterone was excellent and I don't need prog support but we will keep monitoring. That's fine but I just feel like it's not a high enough level for a possible pregnancy. I'm 6dpo (possibly 5) but its just not that high. I know it indicates ovulation but do you think I'm prob out already since it's not sky rocketing? :\