This is an idea I had to run for an April challenge, but I need to know:

1. Is this an idea you think you'd participate in?
This challenge would be setting out a daily challenge to work towards doing a 'spring clean' of your home, but in 20 minutes or less a day (could be 30 minutes, depends on your thoughts).

2. If it's an idea enough of you like and would participate in, I need your help coming up with all the tasks.

If you're one of those super organised peeps (I am *NOT*!! - I need this challenge so much myself!) then I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE your help.
I'd like to organise it so that each task doesn't seem at all arduous or daunting and that it helps everyone to work from one end of the house to the other to get everything ship shape. So the daily tasks would need to be in some sort of order so that - for example - you move things from the carpet one day, to vacuum the next (silly example but hopefully that gives you the idea).
All the ideas need to be low/no cost (e.g. draw liners = spare wrapping paper and so on).

Are you super organised and have a home that's always tidy? I'd love you to become part of the April Challenge committee so all of us poor, unorganised sods can receive your expert help!

3. A fun name - clean & declutter is not at all exciting, so if you're the creative type and you can come up with a better name, I'd appreciate suggestions.