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    Default 3 months late w/neg test results?!?

    3 months late & negative test results?My period is three months late, I've take a few home pregnancy tests and they all came out negative. I recently went to the doctors cause I had a small bald spot on my head& they said it might be due to stress, depression, or it could be that I'm pregnant. (I've had a bald spot on my head before and it was due to stress, nothing serious). Well I got lab work done & everything came back normal or negative! I've noticed I have white, odorless discharge & I've gotten nauseous twice but not to the point where I want to throw up; I thought it'd be something I ate. I couldn't tell if I am pregnant or not cause I didn't experience any "side effects" with my first & only pregnancy but that test came out positive so I knew I was pregnant then. I don't know what's wrong this time. Has anyone gone through the same or similar situation? What was the outcome? And why won't the blood work show what's wrong? Should I be worried?
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    Did you get a beta hcg blood test for pregnancy? It will show if you have pregnancy hormones.

    Once they rule out pregnancy id be asking them to continue following it up because it's not normal to be that late. It could be pcos.

    Good luck x


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