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    Default Eden's interesting arrival

    I was due on xmas eve, 2013. I was certain I'd go early, but how wrong was I!

    9 days after (2/1/14) I was booked in for an induction. I had read a hypnobirthing book and wanted an active, drug free birth. My biggest fear was having to have a c-sec. My other fear was having a child with medical issues like my daughter did at birth 7.5 years prior.

    My mum drove me to the hospital where we met up with my doula. We arrived at 7:30am. At 9am the dr saw me and decided to try gel, as my cervix was still too closed to break my waters.
    So we hung out in my room for a few hrs, with a few walks in between to try and get things going. I had slight contractions and was handling them fine with heat packs and a fit ball.
    3pm came quickly, and I was then 3cm dialated but still a thick and high cervix. The dr managed to break my waters. Thats when it all strayed from my birth plan...


    (When my daughter was born in 2006 my waters broke spontaneously and there was meconium. After 16hrs of labour, lots of intervention, her heart rate dipping dangerously low and a vontuse extraction, she was born with servere health issues that are continuing to this day).

    I got angry! Meconium again. I could see this turning out the exact same way as my 06 bub and I was NOT happy. The dr wanted to put up syntocinin and put me on constant monitoring. I got cranky and demanded a shower first, and said 'then I might as well have an epidural if I cant move anywhere!'. Lol poor dr. So I had my shower then got hooked up to the syntocinin and bubs had a scalp monitor placed. Bubs heart rate was dropping (and the drs were getting worried.
    At about 5:30pm the epi went in although it only worked on one side (which wasnt too bad as I was just breathing through the contractions and using a heat pack on that side) so half an hr later they had to come back and fix it up. While the aneithasist was fixing the epi the dr told me he was concerned and that it was time to do an emergency c-sec. This was at about 6:30pm.

    My poor mum. She was at the birth of my 06 bub and it was just horrific. Now it was going pear shapped again and the look on her face... I'll never forget that fear and sadness on her face. Poor bugger. My doula was great. It was decided she would come to theatre with me (no chance my mum would stay upright! lol). So Im prepped, ready to go.

    Being wheeled in was surreal. I was asked to sign, topped up with some drug, had to drink this FOUL shot of stuff... ewww. The theatre staff were wonderful. I was transfered to their bed, and they put up a sheet and did the ice test on my tummy. The bed was tilted and all ready to go.
    The dr went to remove the scalp monitor from bubs head and what would you know!! 10cm dialated!! The staff didnt believe him, nor did i actually! I went from 3cm and thick to 10cm and fully effaced within about 3 hrs.
    So the scalples were packed up and the sheet removed. I was sooooooooooooooooooo unbelievably happy that i was doing this vaginally!
    Bubs was born with vontuse help at 8:11pm on the second of january.

    Eden Kennedy. 7lb4oz (3310gm), 51cm.

    She was put straight on my chest and I got to cut her cord. She poo'd on me!!! (thankfully in the towel around her not actually ON me). She was taken briefly to be checked over and then given back to me, where she stayed for the next few hrs
    She had a feed, and then a very long sleep!
    Im really grateful that the nurse in theatre took lots of photos of the whole process.
    My doula took my placenta and made 150 capsules for me, which im still taking daily.

    I had only a very small tear, which healed really fast. We left hospital after another night.
    Eden is now 8 weeks old and absolutly gorgeous. Completely opposite experience to my first daughter.

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    Well done
    Amazing story xx

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    You did a fantastic job galoomp and now have a perfect little family x

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    Wow that would've been scary but happy. Congratulations!!

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    SO cool that you got to avoid your c-sect! Glad it went better for you second time around! <3


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