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    Default How many breastfeeds does your 11m old have?

    My 11m old DS ( 3rd bub) feeds 5-6 times a day which I think is a lot?
    Normally it's a feed early morning , one mid-morning, mid afternoon, bed-time, and then one anywhere from bout 1100pm-1am. He is on solids, only has 1 bottle on the 3 days he is at day-care ( and he rarely drinks it all). He has solids ok, is a good weight ( a fatty LOL) just seems to feed a lot.
    He seems to be really wanting/needing the feed so i am not sure which one to drop? I can't seem to remember what my others where doing but I did feed DS1 until he was almost 2. DD was just always on me - hungry or not :/ but I stopped at 14 months as I was pregnant again and it was uncomfortable.
    How often does/did your 11m old feed? How many bottles a day? TIA.

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    DS2 is 10.5 months and feeds anywhere from 4-8 feeds per day. On a 'good' day it's 1 first thing in the morning, 1 mid-morning, 1 before nap at lunch, 1 in the afternoon, 1 before bed. If he hasn't slept well during the day he tends to cluster feed in the evenings.
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