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    Default How to get over a fear of flying?

    Hi ladies,

    I was just wondering if anyone else here has had a fear of flying & what you did to help that?

    I was always fairly good with flying until early last year when I had to fly as part of work. We had to get onto such a small plane (seats about 10-12 people)...now I quite often have to get on these planes & they've always been ok.

    The weather was awful & I should've trusted my gut instinct not to get on (I thought they won't risk flying if it's not safe). We pretty much flew into such a bad storm & the plane kept dropping & was thrown around badly (to the point my head hit the side of the seat & others got similar injuries too) It's one of those planes because it's so small you can hear & see everything the pilots are doing. The pilots were panicked & didn't think we were able to land safely because the storm had gotten so bad (u couldn't even see out of the windows or windscreen, it was just black clouds everywhere). We were low on fuel & had no choice but to land.

    The landing we had was a rough crash landing. We even landed the wrong way on the run way & they had emergency services there because they were bracing for such a bad landing.

    I was shaken up but thought I was ok until later I got on a normal big plane & my heart beats a million miles an hour & my palms keep sweating & I feel really panicked, it is just awful. This had never happened to me before & I don't know how to overcome it. DH & I are going to Bali soon & I have a 4hr flight to get to Darwin then about a 2hr flight to get over there & the thought of getting on a plane is making me nervous & feel sick!

    I've got to find a way to overcome this because I don't want it to stop us ever going anywhere again. This happened ages ago but is still so vivid to the point I can recall such small details.

    Any tips from anyone who has had a bad experience but then overcome it would be great

    Sorry if this post sounds strange

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    You poor thing Rocky! I got sweaty palms just reading about your experience! No wonder it bothers you.

    Can you try a hypnotist? I've heard good things about them helping get over fears and anxieties.

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    You poor thing!

    I have no experience, but, if the accident happened on a work trip, shouldn't your work be paying for counselling services? I'd probably contact hr as a first step.


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