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    I bet the mother doesn't want to believe it. Maybe she had given less attention to her son since she is always at home late.
    If I were her, I will surely check it out and if its true that my son is doing it, I may still be able to help him change since he is still young.

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    If that was my son, I would be furious. I would not cover for him.

    I say this because I cannot and will not tolerate bullying if any kind, from anyone.

    I completed a Uni assignment on bullying and the research really shocked me. It really upsets me when I read about the suicides and depression of young kids who are victims of this.

    I have a 15 year old daughter who 'liked' a paragraph on Facebook which was an attack on a student at her school. I did my sh1t with her. I told her where it could lead, how the victim might feel etc. I then called the school and 'dobbed' them all in, including my daughter. The school had a big Year 9 meeting to discuss bullying. The kids were using the school wifi to bully each other, which I made them aware of and the IT Department put up blocks which does not allow the kids on social networks such as Facebook anymore.

    People might think I'm a b*tch for dobbing my own daughter in, but like I said, I will not tolerate it from anyone. She's learnt her lesson. She may have only 'liked' the status, but as far as I'm concerned, that made her involved.

    So, do whatever you can to protect your child.

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