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    Sorry! My bubhub app is playing up!!!

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    We've decided to only allow visitors who have had the whooping cough vaccine to visit in the first 6 weeks, so that cuts the numbers down, I think I'd prefer people to come visit in hospital rather than at home, I don't want to worry about feeding them or cleaning up!!

    But saying that, I totally can't predict how I will feel at the time. 40+4,so hopefully I'll know soon enough!!

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    This is actually a topic that I have been thinking about lots lately myself. I'm having bub no.1 via elective csection in 6weeks. We haven't told anyone the date (not going to) and only a handful of close friends and my parents know it is happening. Dh family live 13hours away and knowing them if they knew it was happening they would be sitting outside the operating room waiting!!! Argh I'm booked in first appt for the day and I've told my mum that I don't want any visitors on the first day. Mainly because of all the tubes that will be coming out of me. Id rather be able to be dressed, showered and move around before being bombarded by people. However, my mum got really offended by this told me well more so demanded that she will be there the day bub is born :s They live over 2hours away and working so I'm hoping they will just miss visiting hours for the day. My friend had her first a yr ago and she got smashed with visitors on the first day resulting in her being super tired and stressed which reflected on bub and neither of them coped and the midwives ended up having to take bub for the night.

    It is totally up to you tho if you don't want visitors put your foot down and say no! Inform the midwives and they will be like security guards for you. Or as others said when you announce the birth simply say something like you will let people know when you're up for visitors. Exhagerate if you have to saying it was a very tiring birth for both of you (which it probs will be anyways) and you need a little more time to recoupe. Good luck

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    When I was pregnant with my DD my MIL told me that since my mum was going to be in the room with me for the birth, she would wait outside till bub was born. HELL NO lol. I ended up telling her she would be one of the first to meet DD but she would not be there waiting. I ended up with a 42 hour labour and we made sure we didn't tell anyone otherwise we would have had people bugging us the whole time. Being a first bub I didn't realize we could say people had to wait a day/few days and MIL was there to meet her 40 mins after she was born. Next time I would love to say no visitors for 24 hours but I know it wouldn't go well, so maybe we would wait a day before announcing it!

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    Just don't tell anyone until you're home and ready. Simple.

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    when we had DS we had our parents visit on day one in the afternoon (DS was born 9am) and evening, and my BIL and SIL (not invited but they were fine). My brother and SIL came next day, and friends asked if they could visit and we spaced them out. But then my WHOLE extended family appeared at the same time (didnt tell us they were coming)- and we had 10 visitors in our room at once and it was just toooooo much for me- It was overwhelming and meant that i didnt feel up for visitors for the rest of the time i was in hosp (i even had to ask my best friend to wait til we were home - but she understood).

    With this bub I think we will be thinking carefully about how we manage visitors!
    One tip I have heard is that if you are getting people to visit and you would like a time limit on their visit, go out for a coffee or something, so you can then head home to "feed".... or you could even go to them, as then you have an out if you are tired, bub restless, or you need to get dinner ready.....


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